39th Annual Key West World Championships & National Points Races

/39th Annual Key West World Championships & National Points Races
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The Super Boat International Races was founded in 1989 and are the worlds biggest and fasted offshore racing series. This annual event has attracted many celebrity racers over the years, including Don Johnson, Kurt Russell, Chuck Norris and Jason Priestley. With an estimated million race fans attending Super Boat International races yearly and a significant increase in membership and attendance over the past three years, Super Boat International is poised for future success.


The racecourse is rectangular and five miles in length where boats power through the waves at speeds up to 180 mph. The action-packed races have attracted a large fan base, and super boats have even been highlighted in big-screen productions such as the 2006 hit, “Miami Vice,” starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell and on NBC Sports television.

For a detailed race schedule click here: Race Schedule