Key West Historic Seaport Giveaways Galore

Key West Historic Seaport Giveaways Galore! On September 14th, 1985, NBC aired the first episode of their incredibly famous television series, The Golden Girls. Not only was the show wildly popular (and still is), but each character warmed our heart with wisdom, friendly banter and a crass sense of humor. Fast forward to today and one of the most popular memes trending the internet is the hilarious Sophia Petrillo reminisening on her youth and memories while living in Sicily, Italy. More often than not she’d reflect on her time living in Italy with the now famous catchphrase, “Picture [...]

The Key West Historic Seaport Gazette

The Key West Historic Seaport Gazette While on an expedition to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de Leon was the first man to discover Key West in the early 1500s. After landing ashore and establishing himself throughout the island, Ponce de Leon named the island Cayo Hueso, which means Bone Island in Spanish, for the bleached limestone rock formations amongst the island of Key West. As time progressed and as the city quickly evolved, during the 1800s, the Key West was at the center of the sea turtle processing and canning industry. During that [...]

2019 National Fishing & Boating Week

2019 National Fishing and Boating Week! Starting June 1st through June 9th, National Fishing and Boating Week is a nine-day national celebration that showcases and highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing. The goal is to promote safe fishing while enhancing our quality of life and preserving our country’s natural beauty. During this time, on select days, free fishing is offered the second Saturday and Sunday in June. These are the days where anglers can go fishing without a license on public bodies of water. The Key West Historic Seaport is excited to kick off this event [...]

The Historic Bucket List

Key West Historic Seaport | The Historic Bucket List  Let’s face it, we all crave adventure! We are enamored by new experiences and love the rush that comes with stepping out of our comfort zone. Some of that adventure we crave either consists of traveling to a new location, deep sea diving or maybe even skydiving. With that said, some adventure supersedes other quests we want to conquer. Reflecting on what defines an adventure of a lifetime, we asked ourselves, what would make an ordinary experience go from just an experience to being “bucket list worthy?” As we [...]

Key West Historic Seaport | Travelers Guide

Key West Historic Seaport | Travelers Guide When it comes to tropical vacations, nothing can compare to the Key West Historic Seaport. Setting sail from the Historic Seaport towards the glittering ocean, sparkling sand, and the vibrant sunrays; the tropical ambiance truly makes our Seaport a travelers paradise. It is because of this novelty that hundreds-of-thousands of people frequent the Historic Seaport every single year. It felt only necessary to stop and marvel in some of our traveler's experiences. With so many questions swirling over our head, we needed in-depth answers to cure our curious minds.  In comes [...]

Come Shake Your Shamrock At The Key West Historic Seaport!

Come Shake Your Shamrock At The Key West Historic Seaport! When thinking of Saint Patrick’s Day, people all across the country commonly use the phrase “The Luck of The Irish” during the cultural celebration. This catch-phrase is typically thought to mean “extreme good fortune and happiness.” Well, we believe this to be true every day of the year. At the Key West Historic Seaport we believe in fortune and happiness, sprinkled with some luck, keeps you going from one adventure to the next. It is because of that mentality that March at the Historic Seaport is one of [...]