12hrs. in Key West!

12hrs. in Key West!  It’s Friday morning and you just stepped off your day-cruise from whatever gorgeous location you were just at. You have landed afoot at the Key West Historic Seaport. It’s early, you need coffee and you especially need to figure out how to maximize your time as you only have twelve-hours before you sail off to the next lovely location.  But first, coffee.  Follow the sound of the roosters, literally. Nestled on Margaret Street, you’ll find the deliciously, strong, coffee from one of our favorite places, Cuban Coffee Queen. With all of the Cuban Coffee [...]

Meet Me at the Key West Historic Seaport!

Meet Me at the Key West Historic Seaport!  November 27th officially kicked off the 2019 Key West Historic Seaport Holiday Season with the Lighting of the Harborwalk as part of the Key West Holiday Festival and the “Bight” Before Christmas! Locals and visitors gathered at the Key West Historic Seaport’s famous Harborwalk Waterfront to watch the lighting of the Key West “Harborwalk of Lights.” With over 61,000 twinkling lights and 58 decorated palm trees, the 2019 Lighting of the Harborwalk was a true testament of what’s to come this holiday season!  For a detailed list of all the [...]

Fall In Love With The Historic Seaport!

Fall In Love With The Historic Seaport! Nationally observed, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November each year. Originally originated as a harvest festival, Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789. Considering this holiday seemingly revolves around “giving thanks” thousands of families and friends come together every year in celebration of their love for one another, delicious food and a time to reflect on what is most important in life.  With this holiday (and Christmas soon follow) events and celebrations are the staple is almost every city and community nationwide. The Key [...]

Celebrating 40 Years of Fantasy!

Celebrating 40 Years of Fantasy! Ready -- Set -- FALL! As we say goodbye to summer, the Key West Historic Seaport is excited to kick off this fall season by celebrating 40 Years of Fantasy while staying In Tune but definitely Off Key!  Like nothing you have ever seen before, Fantasy Fest is an outrageous, interactive, colorful and extravagant event that takes place throughout Key West and the Historic Seaport. Starting on October 18th until October 27th, locals and visitors from all over the world come down to our beloved city to experience all sorts of events and [...]

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief Efforts

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief The Key West Historic Seaport is proud to announce that we have partnered with some amazing people in an attempt to help aid in relief towards our friends down in the Bahamas. In the event of Hurricane Dorian, some of the islands and our sister island, Green Turtle Cay, were completely devastated. As we work with the community and the City of Key West, our goal at the Historic Seaport is to obtain as many resources as we can in assisting the many lives affected by this terrible storm. The Key West Historic Seaport [...]

City of Key West Bight Management District Board

City of Key West Bight Management District Board! PUBLIC-SPIRITEDNESS AND THE DESIRE TO PROMOTE ONE OF KEY WEST FINEST TREASURES, THE KEY WEST HISTORIC SEAPORT, OR TO LOCALS, THE KEY WEST BIGHT.  Local community champions are often overlooked. In dedication to the Key West Conchs who notoriously strive to provide selflessness, this blog pays homage to seven prominent individuals in the Key West community. While generating significant attention towards the history and preservation at one of the most beautiful locations within the City of Key West, the Key West Bight Management District Board is made up of community [...]