Key West Historic Seaport Updates!

Historic Seaport Updates!  Six weeks ago government officials decided to shutdown nonessential businesses, waterways, beaches and various other outdoor recreational outdoor facilities. As of Monday, April 27th, Key West residents can now once again frequent beaches, parks, and recreational facilities throughout the island. While the island of Key West is closed to nonresidents, Key West locals can now enjoy the reopening of the first phase amid COVID-19.  “While responsibly distancing themselves, we hope that by easing some restrictions on public space our residents can enjoy the natural environment Key West has to offer,” City Manager Greg Veliz said [...]

Preparing for Hurricane Season: How to Protect a Home

Preparing for Hurricane Season: How to Protect a Home Florida is usually a target for storms, forcing thousands of individuals to evacuate with many fleeing to shelters.  Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1 and frequently peaks from late August through September. “A storm that appears benign and doesn’t trigger an early evacuation makes a sudden turn, increases speed or intensifies significantly, and we are left with no time to get off the rock. The Labor Day storm of 1935 and more recently, Hurricane Michael, are prime examples, says  Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers”. We need to be prepared. [...]

Key West Historic Seaport Updates!

Historic Seaport Updates!  The Key West Historic Seaport’s roots have laid down the foundation for a modern yet preserved and thriving seaport. Conveniently located in Old Town Key West, the Historic Seaport has traditionally honored its past while holding on to its character, evolving into 20 acres of world-class dining, one of a kind shops, live music, museums, year-round events and a variety of watersports and fishing excursions.  In lieu of recent events, several of the Key West Historic Seaport restaurants have modified their hours of operations to continue to serve our community. Below you will find a [...]

Saint Patricks Day at the Key West Historic Seaport!

Saint Patricks Day at the Key West Historic Seaport!  From green beer pitchers to a huge craft beer selections or even an endless supply of whiskey, St. Patrick’s Day at the Key West Historic Seaport is exactly where you want to be this upcoming holiday. We highly recommend you pull out your best Saint Patrick’s costume, adding some green paint to your hair green and heading out to the Historic Seaport for some good ‘ole fashioned luck of the Irish!  If you are looking for the perfect way to kick off your holiday, look no further than Schooner [...]

Meet Me in Key West!

Meet Me in Key West! With the most romantic day of the year right around the corner, grab your sweetheart and escape the cold temperatures from up north by visiting our tropical island of Key West! Between the sun notoriously setting over the Gulf of Mexico horizon each and every night or the numerous sunset sails being offered on a daily basis; you cannot go wrong by planning a romantic getaway at the Key West Historic Seaport. Switch things up by spoiling your sweetheart with a romantic weekend he or she will never forget!  With so much to [...]

12hrs. in Key West!

12hrs. in Key West!  It’s Friday morning and you just stepped off your day-cruise from whatever gorgeous location you were just at. You have landed afoot at the Key West Historic Seaport. It’s early, you need coffee and you especially need to figure out how to maximize your time as you only have twelve-hours before you sail off to the next lovely location.  But first, coffee.  Follow the sound of the roosters, literally. Nestled on Margaret Street, you’ll find the deliciously, strong, coffee from one of our favorite places, Cuban Coffee Queen. With all of the Cuban Coffee [...]